Now you can send a tweet by YoruFukurou, the best twitter client for Mac OS X, from more than 1000 applications, from anywhere.

  1. select the text from anywhere
  2. click the right button and choose ‘YoruFukurou’
  3. enjoy

MG Siegler, from TechCrunch, posted a topic to admire the new feature in Twitter for Mac: Tweet from anywhere. I think this is an overreaction that editor Siegler overvalues the Twitter for Mac. It’s just a Mac service, and it ‘s so difficult to uninstall that you have to trash ‘’ and restart your Mac. However, it is a good idea to write a service for YoruFukurou, the best twitter client in my opinion. I prefer YoruFukurou to official twitter client application because of thousands of reasons, such as in-app view picture from, regexp-supported filter. And now, I write the little service to bring the feature ‘Tweet from anywhere’ to YoruFukurou. Install easily, use easily, even uninstall easily. You can download it fromĀ GitHub